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Yuki No Hana 15Th Anniversary Best Ver. Bible [Type A] (3Cds+Blu-Ray) (First Press Limited Edition) (Taiwan Version)

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Nakashima Mika's quintessential winter ballad Yuki no Hana has been a perpetual favorite since its release in 2003


Besides different versions of I Yuki no Hana /I , the best-of album collects many of her famous songs, divided into three discs themed Voice of Love, Crying in the Night and Life is Beautiful. P This edition includes a B photo booklet /b and a B Blu-ray /b with live video from I Full Course Tour 2017 You Won't Lose /I .

For the song's 15th anniversary, a same-titled film starring Tosaka Hiroomi and Nakajo Ayami is being released on February 1, 2019

Right before that, revisit Nakashima Mika's classic songs once more in the 3-CD set I Yuki no Hana 15th Anniversary Best Bible /I