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Accuform Mbhz512Xp, Sign "infectious Agent Entrance Requirements"

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Accuform, MBHZ512XP, 7" x 10" Accu-Shield Biohazard Sign: "Infectious Agent Entrance Requirements" Warn of a biohazard, identify name of infectious agent, and name the person responsible


A composite sign, nearly 1/4 thick, will not crack, chip, or become brittle under extreme environments indoors and outdoors with service temperature range for poly-carbonate at -60 176 to 260 176 F

Biohazard header and bright orange color call attention to danger Large biohazard symbol is easily recognized to mean danger Identify the infectious agent and restrict access to area Identify person responsible for agent and their contact information For unmatched reliability in performance under extreme conditions choose Accu-Shield 8482 ! Accu-Shield 8482 is the highest performance sign with an extra-long 15-year outdoor durability guarantee

The legend and message are reverse-printed with UV resistant inks on the underside of the clear poly-carbonate

The non-glare poly-carbonate plastic is specially formulated to resist color change, chemicals, corrosion, and abrasions and will continue to look good for years while maintaining its superior strength

The two-ply, heavy-duty construction provides a rugged yet stylish appearance with a thick-edge design and industrial-strength backing

This sub-surface image is sealed with further protection on the backside by a permanently bonded, laminate poly sheet

And under layer surface -40 176 to 176 176 F.