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Electro Sight Multi Rifle Scope In Black Matte

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Standard 0.63 in



22 mm x 33 mm screen size

BARSKAs Multi-Rail Electro Sights are designed specifically for tactical shooters that need a versatile scope for both short distance quick acquisition shooting and med to long distance shooting

Designed with Integrated Weaver style 7/8 Pica tinny tactical rails which allow you to customize your scope with additional aiming accessories

Easily attach and use in combination with laser sight, flashlight or secondary sight

Four different reticle patterns

Ideally use the scopes external rails to attach a laser sight that is zeroed in at a short distance 50 yards and then zero the scope reticle in at a longer distance 100 yards , this allows you to instantly shoot targets at two different distances.

Perfect for quick target shooting

Powered by lithium battery

Seven position rheostat illumination

Sight provides unlimited eye relief and unlimited field-of-view

Mount ideal for handgun, shotgun, crossbow, M-16 and more