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Excalibur Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator With 26-Hour Timer, 9 Stainless Trays

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Complete drying system in rear


includes thermostat and fan Easy to clean..

194 pages Net weight 35 lbs Includes Preserve It Naturally recipe book, instruction manual, 6-paraflexx premium and 9 trays10-Year manufacturer's warranty on home useMade in THE USA

26-hour Timer

Adjustable thermostat allows perfect drying every time

Chapters on fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, herbs, nuts, grains, dairy products, crafts, cake decorating, potpourri, sachets, macrame beads, dough art, wreaths, raw and living foods and much more

Controlled environment for a wide variety of uses, i.e

Fast drying..

For faster drying, and best overall versatility, the following temperatures are recommended herbs 95F, cakedecorations 100F, flowers 110F, yogurt 115F, vegetables 125F, fruit 135F, jerky, plaster of Paris, curing epoxies and clay 145F

Horizontal drying provides even drying, eliminating tray rotations

Housing is made of stainless steelControlled environment for a wide variety of uses

Inserts make cleaning a snap

Note Those following the concepts of raw and living foods can set their thermostat to 105F with assurance the food will not reach the enzyme destruction temperature of 120F

Recipe book included with each unit Adjustable Thermostat 85 - 155 degrees

Recipes for raw foods, hot/cold appetizers, soups, salads, main/side dishes, sauces, beverages, desserts, snacks, trail mixes, breads and more

Set the dehydrator to run for 1 to 26 hours

Spills fall on seamless bottom

Square design increases drying area 25 with no holes in center of tray

Stainless steel FDA approved trays

The unit will automatically shut-off after set time is complete.Includes the Book Preserve It Naturally

This is the latest edition with a new chapter on raw and living foods and more recipes

Trays can be removed to expand drying chamber


Making fruit roll-ups, trail mixes and drying flower arrangements, herbs, art and crafts, photos.Ideal for volume drying Removable door and trays - do not have to be taken apart to check drying or add more food