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V05C Heart-Rate Smart Bt Sport Wristband

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Features:Dynamic Skin-friendly Design:Bracelet equipped with low-power OLED screen, hidden borders, natural and smooth skin-friendly.Heart Rate Monitoring:Manual testing, staticdynamic heart rate, detecting your body load at any time, helping to achieve the scientific and perfect exercise effect.Sleep Monitoring: Monitor the user's deep or light sleep state, help improve sleep quality, keep beautiful skin.Motion Reminder: This band is not only a guardian of health, but also the guider to change your lifestyle.Sports Statistics: To help users quantify the daily exercise goals, encourage and supervise their own exercise, adjust the best physical condition.Sedentary Reminder:When sedentary time rich the setting time, this band will remind the user to get up and exercise.Call / Information Reminder:When incomming call or information arrived, the band will gently shake and show the call number or name, to avoid missing important calls.Alarm Clock Reminder:Help to develop good habits, refused to lazy; Looking for Mobile Phone: Lightly touch your band, your lovely phone will be immediately appear.How to use itRead user manual carefullyDownload, install APPAPP for android 4.4, iOS8.0 or above